Best Small Business Accounting Software for Mac

Accounting tasks can be difficult to maintain, especially when there are so many business payments to keep track of. As an SME it’s often difficult to invest in an accountant when money is tight, especially in the early stages of development.

But can you really afford to not hire a professional accountant to coordinate your finances?

You’d think it’s compulsory, but with today’s sophisticated accounting software packages, these tasks become simple. In fact, many versions of accounting software completely automate the accounting function. This means you can simply enter the requisite information and let your software do the rest.


But with so many software packages on the market, which solution is best for your small business if you’re using a Mac? Let’s take a look:


Freshbooks is one of the simplest solutions on the market, perfect for small business owners. It can attend to your payroll and invoicing needs, with the flexibility to execute on-site or via cloud-based versions.

Freshbooks enables electronic payments, online banking, and reconciliation, remote payroll facilitation, mapping and more. You can also import data from Excel to formulate reports more easily.


FreeAgent enables small businesses to set up automated reminders and recurring invoices. The ability to keep track of your accounts ‘ hands-free’ is a luxury, alongside expense tracking via taking pictures of receipts and uploading them for automatic processing.

FreeAgent takes the legwork out of accounting tasks. Tax returns can be filed in a single click, as part of an effortless process for limited company directors and sole traders. Receive an overhead view of your accounts too, with automatic bank feeds.


Easily send professional invoices with Zohobooks, where there’s additional compatibility with iPhone as well. Automated banking is also a possibility, where you can connect your bank account for real-time updates on transactions.

Track inventory in real-time, process customer feedback, accept bulk payments and share recent transactions. You can also attach expense receipts easily, capturing all receipts in a central location where they can be easily uploaded for reference.


With an impressive interface and rich features, Xero offers functionality for both Mac and PC, where its ease of use has propelled it as a favorable option among small business owners.

Xero doesn’t compromise its features. You’ll benefit from not being tied to a contract, affording you the flexibility of being able to cancel your subscription at any time.

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